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We, nurses and young entrepreneurs, will join forces and make it happen!

"Everybody wants to become old, but nobody wants to be old". We all want to age successfully, which means without serious health issues or things that might affect our well-being. Many products and services have been developed, but a lot have never reached the market successfully, because they did not really meet a need or they addressed the "being old" fact too strongly. In many societies both professionals and family carers, are becoming overloaded when care is needed and there is an increasing shortage of care givers. But we like our job as a nurse as it is now: using smart technology!! And we want to grow our company with responsive and meaningful products successfully!!

The AgeTech Accelerator International

International cooperation

With the AgeTech Accelerator we want to bridge these gaps and solve the imperfect market mechanisms. The real work is done in several countries in regional cooperation with the various key partners in the value chain. With the AgeTech Accelerator International community we want to help each other on a larger scale, thereby avoiding to re-invent the wheel several times. We want to learn from each other!!

More importantly, we will bring together knowledge, expertise and money for a better ageing and care. We are convinced that this approach will give us more fun when ageing and better care when needed!! 

The AgeTech Accelerator International is THE community for researchers, entrepeneurs, caregivers and capital investors and last but not least: older persons themselves, who may be involved in all stages of a product/service development and usage. 

AgeTech Accelerators

AgeTech Accelerator International is the umbrella organisation for the many regional AgeTech Accelerators that are being installed in the various countries. By clicking on one of the countries below you will find regional and national activities in the specific country.

Why choose us

Hans Versmissen, CEO Entusia, Belgium

"Very satisfied with the services provided. We were greatly relieved of our market research and the business sessions abroad. As a result, everything was mapped out much faster, so that we could make better decisions."

Barbara P, age 79, End-User, UK

“My son and I thought the session was very stimulating. It’s great that companies want to hear from us and understand our perspective when they are designing products. We also enjoyed meeting the other participants and learning from their experiences. “


"Helping our clients is our highest priority. Unfortunately, due to lack of time or resources, sometimes we cannot give our patients everything we want. Because of technology, we can help them improve their quality of life"

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