The AgeTech Accelerator International with its regional AgeTech Accelerators is the result of the Interreg programme SEAS2Grow (finished in 2020). It provided nearly €4 million to develop a cross-border innovation accelerator for goods and services aimed at the silver economy and to fund accelerator services for many innovating businesses, both start-ups and scale-ups.


Started in 2014, Interreg2Seas has been designed to stimulate cooperation between regions of the European Union and was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). One of its main aims was to reduce the influence of national borders in favour of equal economic, social and cultural development of the whole EU.

With funding in place to cover all operations until August 2020, the long-term strategy of the SEAS2Grow Programme was to develop a commercial model for an AgeTech Accelerator that will allow it to continue operating independently of the original Interreg2Seas project beyond that point. See here the Strategic Action Plan for the AgeTech Accelerator: