How to co-create?

It is relevant to the growing discourse about how to enable the uptake and use of goods and services designed to promote older adults’ independence and how to amplify the potential for economic growth that the demand for such goods and services offers.

Are you looking for co-creation workshops that give your business the  chance to present your product/service concept or prototype to real end-users who match your specific target audience?

In co-creation workshops, end-users with real needs work together in small groups to think about and assess your product or prototype. They will consider the following issues:


           How would it fit into their daily lives or work?
           How could the product be improved or give them a better experience?


By addressing these important issues during the development process of a product/service concept, innovation developers have the opportunity to incorporate concrete suggestions from their target demographic or user-group as they refine their product, message or marketing. These ideas can add real value to the development process and enhance the product-market fit.

A company that creates specialist clothing for older people recently used co-creation sessions in their product development  with very positive results. CEO Loïc Delecroix of E-Wear Solutions says:


“Co-creation sessions with nursing homes have begun in France and in Belgium. This kind of session is the best way for us to better understand needs and issues from these organizations, to bring them solutions best tailored to those needs. This work will continue in February / March, and we hope to have even more valuable insights in order to better design our product.”


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