AgeTech Accelerators in a particular country work together under governance of own choice. The national representatives are director in the board of the AgeTech Accelerator International, also the international fund manager is director in this board. The legal entity of the AgeTech Accelerator International is a B.V. according to Dutch law.

In the AgeTech Accelerator International decisions are taken regarding central marketing and community building. The staff consists of a CEO, with admin staff, marketing and communication experts, who are employed by the organisation. This staff is supported by a team of directors: i.e. the national representatives of the several AgeTech Accelerators plus the director of the International Funds. All directors are funded within the countries, the Funds director is paid from other sources. 

The staff carries out the daily work: branding and marketing, community building, organisation of matching events, supporting start-ups and scale-ups, coordination of investments, seed capital raising.