Living Labs

Because of various developments within today’s society, like participatory movements, demographic shifting, climate change, and a few others, the urban area is becoming more complex in economic, social, political, cultural, ecological and organisational perspective. A relatively new concept to urban development, among others, is the living lab concept.

Living Labs are well-suited to build the development of new products and services on the principles of early prototyping, experimentation, user-orientation and stakeholder involvement. In order to better involve SMEs in open innovation process, Living Lab infrastructures need to embark on new ways of communication and promoting their services. The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), bringing together more than 130 Living Labs all around the world, offers valuable practical guidance and examples in this regard.

According to ENoLL, the Living Lab concept is defined as: A user-centred, open innovation ecosystem based on a systematic user co-creation approach, integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings.


Are you interested to find out what a Living Lab is? Check out our Podcasts  about Living Labs in both Dutch and English!


Our Living Labs

The ATA consists of multiple Living Labs accross different European countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK). Therefore, it is possible to test an innovative product of service in the SE nationally, but also internationally. Our Living Labs consist of experts in the field of the Silver Economy, and panels of end-users, including seniors, informal caregivers and healthcare professionals.