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We encourage all innovators and entrepreneurs in the silver economy to consider applying to join our unique accelerator programme. AgeTech Accelerator will provide you with valuable business support to speed up the development of your silver economy product/service.

How do I apply?
The application process is straightforward: Just fill in and submit the initial form telling us a bit about you and your innovation.
We will get in touch with you in 72 hours or less. After that one of our team based in your country will contact you to talk through your product or service in a bit more detail.

If your product/service is suitable for consideration for our programme you will be invited to complete a full application form (this is the one that needs to be submitted by the closing date), and to pitch your product at a selection day.

Can I find out if it’s worth me applying?

We do recommend that, if you are thinking of applying for a place on the AgeTech Accelerator programme, you have an informal chat with one of our in-country experts first. They will advise you on the suitability for the programme. 

What happens if I pass the selection day and am accepted onto the programme?
1.You will receive a contract outlining the services you have been offered.
2. A timetable will be drawn up with you to show how we will deliver the accelerator programme  services you have been offered. We’ll agree how and where they will take place and over what  timescale
3. We will agree the profiles of the individuals who will make up your co-creation and/or testing panels
4. You will receive an invitation to join the AgeTech Accelerator community so that you can talk to and share your experiences with other businesses taking a similar journey
5. Your product and business will be invited to join the silver economy online map and will get priority listing.
6. At the end of the programme, you will receive an invitation to pitch your product or service at the next AgeTech investors and buyers event.


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