Post Covid-19 : Time for innovation

A call for disruptive products and services?

Everybody has experienced the impact of the pandemic: at home, at work, in one's family and perhaps him or herself. For sure there will come a post Covid-19 period like we suffer now, although some have predicted a permanent flu-like period now and then in the future. But this pandemic also has taught us a lot in how we should socialise, work together, travel, meet and care for four beloved ones. Technology can definetely help us. Suddenly we had to stay home and do many things remotely, even health monitoring and care. 

Many experts and policy makers say that this has boosted e-health and telemedicine. This is certainly true if we compare the relatively low figures from before the pandemic with those now. But, just video conferencing or sending vital signs data from home is not the only solution. We need a lot more, better interfaces f.e. For people who had never done videoconferencing before, it is a bit weird not to be able to look into each other's eyes when talking. Technical solutions for this have been developed in the past, but were too expensive for mainstream roll out. Perhaps it is time to another revolutionary concept such as has been brought to the market in 2010 by Steve Jobs!

Ad van Berlo