The positive side of Covid-19

Smart technology will soon be adopted by older adults


Covid-19 gave senior living a wakeup call about its reason for being. Placing residents into social isolation forced organizations to creatively engage and enable them to meet each other. The home has become the hub for life and care. Smarter homes with strategically placed motion sensors will keep older adults safe and healthier. As a result, in-home exercise programs and well-being services will more and more blossom.

Wearables with alerts connect the circle of care. The personal safety alarm pendant market  will soon be replaced by smart care watches using cellular service. Older adults are freed from pendant stigma. Fall risk is reduced among care watch owners who are connected to 24-hour response centers.

In-home voice assistants will also gain traction among older adults. With developing and implementing AI algorithms smart advice will be offered to older residents and their family carers. Voice assistants speaking to older users by name about their wellbeing will most likely become commonplace by 2025.