Findings and recommendations

Landscape of care innov. (Sept 2021)

The Landscape review is intended to serve as a guide for new entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

Landscape of caregiving
A proactive, predictive and preventive approach

Future of senior living safety (April 2021)

This white paper will discuss how operators have made the leap to predictive, proactive and preventive care and technologies.

The future of senior living safety and resident care

Canada's elder care crisis (March 2021)

By 2031, nearly twice as many older adults will require care, according to Deloitte and commissioned by the CMA.

Canada elder care crisis
Demographic challenges and potential of digital tech

Health and care workforce (Feb 2021)

Insights into the role of demogr. change, migration, digital technology in demand and supply of health and LTC workers.

Challenges and digital solutions

Japan Ageing Statistics (Jan 2021)

This short overview gives some statistics on Japan's super-aging society, as well as a comparison with other countries.

Japan ageing statistics

Dominant narratives on ageing (Nov 2020)

Identifying the current discourse within influential sectors and industries - Centre for Ageing Better in the UK

Dominant narratives on ageing

Technology for aging in place (Apr 2019)

Older adults’ perspectives on technology intended to allow them to age in place (Healthcare 2019)

Top Technology for Seniors

Jan 2019 Tech and the 50+ Survey by AARP

A survey on tech products for people older than 50 that make their lives easier or more enriched.

AARP report

Strategic Guide (Dec 2018)

To be successful in developing, marketing, and purchasing products and services in SE.

Strategic guide - French version
Strategic guide - English version

Recommendations (Sept 2017)

Strategic Recommendations are a tool to help SE stakeholders be more efficient and successful.

Market study - English version
Market study - French version

Stakeholder Needs (Sept 2017)

State of play of innovation in Silver Economy according to stakeholders.

Stakeholder Needs Analysis

Market Study (Sept 2017)

Where, when, why and how Silver Economie companies can market their products.

Market study - English version
Market study - French version

Hidden Gems

The United Nations has proclaimed 2021–2030 the Decade of Healthy Ageing, with WHO leading international action to improve the lives of older people, their families and communities.

The Decade brings together a variety of stakeholders galvanizing concerted action to reach its goals. However, it is often neglected to learn from previous committed research, and we're eager to not re-invent the wheel. Some research is published, but other relevant research goes into a bin to never been seen again. AgeTech Accelerator International aims to gather this forgotten information, such as strong master theses in the SE, the most important outcomes of European Projects or other relevant grey literature.